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Yembo Capital is an owner, investor and partner in profitable companies (and we’re looking for more companies!) Owners sell all of a company to us for cash (no problem) or sell us part of a company (even better,) then sell us the rest when they are ready. We have no shortage of cash to invest (we have more money available than deals to invest in.) Creative entrepreneurs with profitable companies are in short supply (we need more.)

We purchase a stake in, or all of a company depending on the deal (we work with owners to decide.) Our expectations for the companies we invest in: 1) they keep making money, 2) they have a chance to grow at least 10% annually (slow growth=dependable money making.)

Yembo pays all cash at closing for our equity. Deals can be done in less than sixty days (sometimes as little as 30 days!) Yembo Capital is prepared to invest between $3 million and $50 million for individual transactions. Deals in excess of $50 million will be syndicated with other partners (we have some great ones!)

After the deal, we keep existing management and employees (we want them.) Owner-managers have the option to stay with the company or help us find a suitable replacement. We only ask for enough time to safely transition to a new manager if they leave (usually sixty days.) Non-manager owners, or an owner that leaves the company, can still own part of the company if they want to.

Yembo is interested in all kinds of companies in all kinds of industries. We want dependable profitability-- prospective companies have been profitable on average for the last three years and have been in business for five years or longer (that’s what we call successful!)

Who We Are:

Mr. Adam Post is President and founder of Yembo Capital, Inc. Mr. Post has started and run several publishing companies, selling and licensing intellectual property rights derived from publications to film and TV producer, Platinum Studios. Having financed and structured creative joint venture transactions in publishing, Mr. Post founded Yembo Capital in 2004 to pursue partnerships and buyouts with other successful entrepreneurs as an investor.

Several other key players in Yembo are entrepreneurs, investment bankers with their own firms, accountants, lawyers, silent partners, and other professionals who are invited to participate by Mr. Post on a deal by deal basis.
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