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Get Liquidity:
Yembo buying your company means you get cash for your company while keeping your position at the company or leaving it (you decide!) It’s a great way to assess a real value on the stock of your company, help partners and minority partners retire, and share ownership of the company more easily with other parties.

All kinds of companies:
Yembo is interested in all kinds of companies in all kinds of industries. We want dependable profitability-- prospective companies have been profitable on average for the last three years and have been in business for five years or longer.

After the sale:
Yembo wants a company to continue earning money when we buy it. We keep existing management and employees and keep things going they way they were before we get involved-- profitable.

If you decide to stay with the company:
As we work together to grow the company, managers get a market rate compensation package plus a profit sharing arrangement.

Opportunity to invest in other deals:
Once you’ve completed a deal with Yembo, you will have an option (not obligation) to invest cash (or even your company’s stock) in future Yembo deals. Yembo deals with a group of successful entrepreneurs and managers (like you) who make phenomenal use of excess equity in surprisingly low risk transactions.

How it works (a busy two months and a bright future!):
  1. We talk about your company.
  2. We send you a non-disclosure agreement (everything we discuss is strictly confidential) and ask for more information about your company (we need to see financials.)
  3. If we see a fit with Yembo, we’ll discuss terms of the deal and make you an offer (takes a week.) Note: our offers are ‘non-binding letters of intent.’
  4. Once our offer is accepted, we create a business plan describing your company, past, present and future (puts us all on the same page, and don’t worry we do 98% of the work on the plan.) You check the plan for accuracy and tell us what needs to be changed (very important.)
  5. Yembo does due diligence verifying all the seller representations in the deal and starts the contracts with the lawyers. Note: due diligence is done in the least intrusive way possible.
  6. It’s been 4-8 weeks and we’re ready to close the deal. You sign your contract, get cash and close the transaction.
  7. We implement the business plan.

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